Emily Schultz : May 2015

04 May 2015

Kristin Take 2 {Twentynine Palms CA}

As promised here is the digital version of this session. I love both the film (check it out here) and digital for different reasons. I love the way my film camera sounds when I press the shutter button and the feel and atmosphere of the images. On the other hand, I love how I know my way around my digital. Being comfortable with the camera leaves more time for creativity. I'm so glad I was smart enough to pack both cameras for this session. 

02 May 2015

Kristin Take 1 {Twentynine Palms CA Maternity photography}

This beautiful mama-to-be has been my best friend since I was 15. What an amazing journey we've had together. I am so glad that I was able to photograph another momentous occasion in her life (you can see her engagement here and her wedding here). 

I flew down to visit her during my "day job's" spring break. She was brave enough to let me test my film photography skills on her (although I don't really remember giving her a choice), but I also shot some digital. You should have seen my suitcase. It was full of more camera gear than clothes, especially on the way home. She gifted me with a Polaroid Land Camera (yep they still make film for those) that I cannot wait to use. 

Be on the lookout for the digital version of this session coming soon.