Emily Schultz : 4 Steps to Prepare for Your Documentary Session

23 August 2016

4 Steps to Prepare for Your Documentary Session

Preparing for a documentary session is a little different than planning for a traditional family portrait session. There is no need to put together beautifully coordinated outfits, find the perfect location or stress about whether the baby will cooperate.  Here are 4 simple steps to help you prepare for and get the most out of your session.

Step 1: Pick your type of session

The kind of session you decide on influences the type of planning you’ll be doing.

If you pick A Day in the Family session planning is pretty straight forward. There isn’t a whole lot to plan for. You go about your life in a typical fashion. Seriously. Plan your day like it’s any other day, maybe throw in an extra special trip to the ice cream shop just for fun. You’ll be surprised by all the beautiful moments that happen

However, if you want a session that’s a little more focused around an activity that you family enjoys an Everyday Moments session may be the perfect fit and the following steps will help guide you in the process. They are also helpful for A Day in the Family sessions if you are really struggling to see the beauty in what you feel is the mundane.

Step 2: Do some soul searching

To get the most from your session you really need to dig deep into what makes your family special. Because the little things you do every day are incredibly important even if you feel they are mundane. How do you spend your time together is what forges your relationships.  Do you do Saturday morning breakfast together most weekends? What about those warm days of summer? Are they spent at the lake playing? Is your family really involved in a sport or activity? Get your family involved in this step. Ask them what they enjoy doing the most together. You may be surprised by their responses.

Step 3: Be prepared for an open and honest conversation.

If you want a session that gets to the heart of your family, you need to be willing to share what makes it tick. Sometimes it’s hard to open up, but sharing the moments you love gives me a better understanding of what is truly important to you and allows me to guide you in focusing your session on the moments that matter.

Step 4: Relax

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the need for perfection, but these session are real, they are honest, and they are beautiful. Don’t focus on what could go wrong or worry about what might happen. In the end, you’ll see things you never noticed before and you’ll gain a better understanding of how your family is made every day.

Does this post leave you wondering what a family documentary session is? THIS post will let you in on all the details.

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