Emily Schultz : 4 Reasons to Book a Family Documentary Session

16 August 2016

4 Reasons to Book a Family Documentary Session

Why should you book a family documentary session? I’m sure I could give you a list a mile long, but I know that the kids are probably begging for attention and your coffee break is almost over so I’ll keep it short. Here are the top 4 reasons you should book a documentary session for your family whether it be A Day in the Family session or an Everyday Moments session. 

1. Time moves so quickly.

Your everyday moments change as your kids get older. The things you cherish so much today may be happening for the last time. One day you’ll pick your son up for the last time because soon he will be too big. The sippy cups that you find hidden between the couch cushions will one day no longer have a use. Little hands that hold yours so tightly will one day let go running ahead saying “I can do it on my own.” Documenting these moments gives you a tangible reminder for you to look back on and a visual story starter for years to come.

2. Unstructured moments.

Being free from the structure of traditional portrait photography allows little moments to unfold. Your kids are free to let all their personality shine through. There is no need to “cheese” for the camera. There is no bribing and begging your kids to look at the camera. You get to be in your home or a location that you love and you have the freedom to relax and slow down. There is no preplanned set of poses to get through. The moments that happen are the focus and a lot of times the moments that are documented are ones that you may not be fully aware are happening. Gentle touches, loving looks, the things you love but sometimes get buried among the chaos.

3. It’s easy like Sunday morning

Your family gets time to adjust to having someone new around. You have time to feel comfortable in front of the camera in a place you are used to.  You can stick to your daily routine and give your kids a sense of security in the face of something that might be new to them. You can also focus on doing something you love doing together instead of focusing on the camera in front of you. Slowing down and enjoying the moment gives your family time to bring your special connections and relationships to the surface and allows them the honor of being documented.

4. You

This is the most important reason. Giving your family the gift of you. You in the picture with your family doing what you love. Being part of the moment happening instead of stuck behind the camera. It's a gift that is sometimes hard to give. You wish you were ten pounds lighter, or your house was decorated nicer. Basically, you're waiting for the perfect timing. To be honest, that time may never come. Your kids will not notice those 10 pounds or the cluttered house. What they will notice is you in the picture with them. They will notice the love that radiates from you as you hold them in your arms. They will notice and remember how much time you poured into their lives.

Bonus Reason. 

Take a peek into what a Day in the Family session meant to a past client. How she came to it with a preconceived notion about her daily life and walked away with a newfound understanding of just how important her everyday moments really are to her.

You can check her family's session in this POST

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