Emily Schultz : Let the Moment Unfold

21 July 2016

Let the Moment Unfold

Have you ever wondered how those great moments are documented? You know the ones that call your emotions to the surface and either make you smile or bring a tear to your eye. Those great images that document the moment in a way that captures the feelings. All the feelings. You know those pictures of a moment that show something special unfolding.

They are not always easy to get, but it gets easier the more you practice. Sometimes those moments are hard to see in the business of your everyday life, but if you look for them you will see them. When you see a moment document it, but don’t stop it. Let it unfold, let it happen without interference.

What that means is don’t call attention to the fact you have a camera. Don’t stop what is happening to get a picture. Just let it unfold while you practice your sneaky ninja skills. Don’t do the “say cheese” thing that always ends up with your kids giving the weirdest smiles.

Sometimes it’s hard at first because kids, and really most people, are trained to stop and look at the camera. It may take some time, but tell them to ignore you. If my kids look at me I say “just pretend I’m not here.” It usually works to get them re-focused on what they were doing before they noticed the camera. Now they pretty much just ignore me when I have the camera pointed at them.

If you have any questions just drop them in the comments. I’d love to help you out.

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