Emily Schultz : A Laid Back Saturday Morning { Moses Lake Family Photographer}

05 March 2016

A Laid Back Saturday Morning { Moses Lake Family Photographer}

What are your everyday moments that you just love? Those moments that make all the crazy worth it. Let’s be honest, being a family isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and sometimes life just sucks. As parents, we are tired. We are stretched a little too thin at times and forget all the beauty that comes with being a family. Sometimes, while we are in the middle of life running away like a freight train, it’s easy to forget the little moments that really matter. Those everyday day moments, where we slow down just a little and really focus on connecting with those closest to us. Families are made in those everyday moments. Those moments are what make us strong.

It is my purpose to document the everyday and to help you do the same. To give you a way to see that life is full beauty, even on the days when all our perfect plans fall apart. To help you tell the story of how your family is made every day and why those seemingly little moments are the most important to you.  

When I sat down with this beautiful mama I wanted to know the parts of her day that meant the most to her and to get a glimpse into her family life and her every day. I had the privilege of joining her family for a laid back Saturday morning. Even though their girls are still very young, she and her husband are laying the foundations for strong relationships in the years to come. They are passionate about family and it shows.

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