Emily Schultz : Family Time {Washington Family Photographer}

28 March 2016

Family Time {Washington Family Photographer}

It's the day to day life that is important. The small moments that make up the big picture and create beautiful memories. I feel so lucky that I was available to experience part of this family's day. Even though it meant missing a much looked forward to trip and being very sick (not contagious, thank goodness). While it wasn't a full day in the life session, we were able to document one of their favorite things to do, just hang out and be together. This guy was deployed to Japan with the Marines just days after I spent time with them. He will be gone for the next seven months and I know his family already misses him terribly.  

Make sure you are documenting your days. It's important to have these little moments saved. If you aren't in the place to hire a photographer grab my list of tips in the side bar and get started on your own.

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